Science of Plantain: A Hidden Herbal Healer

Plantain also known as PlantagoPlantain (also known as Plantago) is a very common herb found growing all over the world. The plant is low-growing, long lived (perennial) and has distinctly well-ribbed leaves. 

Plantain has a tremendous folk-history as a first aid herb to use ‘on the spot’. It's easy to discard a herb like Plantain just because of its very 'ordinary' nature. This would be a mistake; some of the most powerful herbs are very ‘unassuming' and have earned their reputations over the long clinical trial of history.

Besides anecdotal evidence from use in traditional medicine for centuries, numerous scientific studies support the healing efficacy of Plantain. A study published in the Lancet described several people who contracted poison ivy rash who were immediately treated with Plantain; the itching subsided and did not return.

The Journal of Ethnopharmacology published an article on Plantain which states 'Scientific studies have shown that Plantain extract has a wide range of biological effects including wound healing, anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving), antioxidant, antibiotic and immuno modulating activity' 

Plantain has several active ingredients that contribute to its medicinal action:

Science of Plantain1. Allantoin - a substance that is well proven to stimulate tissue regeneration through causing cells to divide more vigorously (via mitosis).

2. Aucubin  - a substance with proven antibiotic actions.

3.Mucilage - a soothing, natural anti-inflammatory substance.

Plantain is highly rated for many common outdoor happenings including bites, cuts, grazes, stinging from other plants etc. Fresh plantain leaves, bruised (i.e. scrunched up enough so that its juices can run a little) are remarkably soothing and provide rapid relief from pain, itching or irritation on the skin.
Plantian pasturesIn our district, farmers often over-sow their pastures with plantain to improve the health of the animals grazing the land. Plantain can also be eaten raw or cooked and used almost anywhere you would use lettuce or greens. Great in salads, salsa, pesto, smoothies, juicing and vegetarian meals, just use your imagination.

Plantain makes a great wild picked substitution for so many dishes & it just happens to be a weed growing in just about everyone’s yard. 

We include Plantain (Plantago) as a key element in all five elements products.

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