• Beneficial Plant Oils for the Skin: Elemental Renewal Serum

    There is strong evidence to show that incorporating a facial serum that contains plant oils and plant oil extracts into a daily skincare routine, can help counter the effects of aging. Read this evidence-based review to find out more.  View Post
  • Temporary Shipping Restrictions in Place

    Please note that due to the current shipping restrictions in New Zealand we are unable to process orders received after 25th March 2020. Orders placed after this date will be shipped at the nearest availability. We are monitoring the situation and will provide an update as circumstances change. Thank you for your support.  View Post
  • New Colloidal Silver Throat Spray, Disinfectant and Skin Toner

    Because of its safety to humans and its beneficial antimicrobial effects, Colloidal silver was used in ancient Egypt, the Middle East, and India by royal households to keep water and other fluids fresh and to treat various infections. More recently it has been used as an antibacterial component in the coatings of medical dressings.

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