• How to incorporate an oil based serum into your daily skincare routine?

    This blog post describes how to incorporate an oil-based serum into your daily beauty routine as well as how to layer Five Elements products together according to your skin type. View Post
  • Earth-Friendly Laundry Solution for Sensitive Skin

    A family member of mine gifted me with a magnesium-based “laundry solution” from Japan called Laundry Magchan that lasts for almost a year (more than 300 wash cycles to be exact), is eco-friendly and can even be used with septic tanks! It is just as effective as conventional laundry powder or detergent; last but not least, it price-matches the cost of conventional laundry powder. View Post
  • Benefits of Sheep Milk for the Skin

    Milk has been used as a beauty aid for thousands of years. Sheep Milk offers many benefits to the skin including moisturization, a more youthful glow, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, protection and repair. View Post