Earth-Friendly Laundry Solution for Sensitive Skin

Save the Planet with Magnesium. New Detergent-free laundry from Japan.

I want to share a recent discovery that I have made!
Many reading this will be aware of the induced skin sensitivity and associated problems resulting from the use of certain washing powders and cleaning soaps…

Well, to cut to the chase, a family member of mine gifted me with a magnesium-based “laundry solution” from Japan called Laundry Magchan that lasts for almost a year (more than 300 wash cycles to be exact), is eco-friendly and can even be used with septic tanks!

It is just as effective as conventional laundry powder or detergent; last but not least, it price-matches the cost of conventional laundry powder.

Think about how much plastic waste you will be saving as well! Here is an infographic provided by the company, based on data from 

Laundry Magchan versus Conventional Laundry Detergent

I have used this product for a month now and have observed no decline in my previous laundry outcomes when I previously used Persil Sensitive washing powder.

What really puts a smile on my face is that at the ‘end of its laundry life’ the ball can be cut open and the magnesium rich grains can be added to your garden soil to enrich it!

Key Benefits include:

  • Save time and Money!
  • More than one year Continuous Use
  • Good for Sensitive Skin and Babies!
  • 10x More Effective at Odour Removal than Powder/Detergent
  • Good on the environment after using it!
  • Low Carbon Footprint and Less Plastic Waste.
  • Magnesium has a beneficial effect for plants health. 
  • Grey-water Friendly, Good for Septic Tanks.

Curious about how it works?

The product contains tiny high purity magnesium balls which forms an alkaline solution when in contact with water. This has a powerful cleaning effect, removing tough dirt.

Magnesium-based Laundry: How it Works


Does Your Baby or Child have Sensitive Skin?

Babies and children have sensitive skin which can become irritated due to the residue which conventional laundry detergents can leave on clothes. 

Baby Magchan offers the same earth-friendly technology but comes in a cute pyramid shaped pouch and is designed for smaller wash-loads, up to 5kgs, and is perfect for mums. There are three cute colours to choose from!

Baby Magchan

How to Buy these Earth-friendly Magnesium Laundry Products?

SakuLab New Zealand are a Auckland-based retailer of eco-friendly products from Japan, that believes in sustainable business.   The products are available for purchase from SakuLab New Zealand on TradeMe through he following links:

Baby Magchan (up to 5kg washing loads)
Laundry Magchan (up to 10kg washing loads)

We're please to recommend these earth-friendly products, and hope you give them a try. Please let us know if you have any further questions. 


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