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  • Is Sleep Deprivation Aging your Skin?

    We are all a year older and, hopefully, a year wiser. While we are getting stuck into our busy routines this year – we thought we’d examine the importance of sleep and what it means for the health of our skin.  View Post
  • Sleep Trivia

    Research suggests that sleep plays an important role in maintaining the youthful appearance of our skin, as we age. But do you know the answers to these questions about sleep?:

    Are we sleeping less than previous generations? How does sleep vary as we get older? Does sleeping longer makes us live longer? Which country sleeps the most? Which country sleeps the least? How does gender affect sleep?

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  • Ten of the Best Antioxidant-Rich, Anti-Aging Foods for Healthy Skin

    Beautiful skin is maintained by what you eat. This article lists 10 foods that you are encouraged to eat on a regular basis to give you the antioxidants and other nutrients that your skin needs to stay radiant and healthy. View Post