• Herbal Extracts for Skin Repair - A Scientific Perspective

    We review some of the scientific work that has gone into showing the effectiveness of the herbal extracts used in our products and explain the rationale behind why they were selected. The focus is on skin healing and the Skin Tonic range. This will be particularly relevant to people who have suffered from inflamed skin conditions. View Post
  • Beneficial Plant Oils for the Skin: Elemental Renewal Serum

    There is strong evidence to show that incorporating a facial serum that contains plant oils and plant oil extracts into a daily skincare routine, can help counter the effects of aging. Read this evidence-based review to find out more.  View Post
  • Science of Plantain: A Hidden Herbal Healer

    Plantain has a tremendous folk-history as a first aid herb to use ‘on the spot’. It's easy to discard a herb like Plantain just because of its very 'ordinary' nature. This would be a mistake; some of the most powerful herbs are very ‘unassuming’ and have earned their reputations over the long clinical trial of history. View Post