Benefits of Using an Oil-based Cleanser

What is an Oil-based Cleanser?

Traditional cleansers use surfactants to interface with oil and water, suspending dirt so that it can be washed away. In some cases surfactants can cause skin irritation, deplete natural oils, and dry out skin.  

In contrast, oil-based cleansers act as solvents which "dis-solve" similar substances, helping break down dirt, grime and make-up for easy removal, while simultaneously replenishing and moisturising the skin.  
"Developed in response to popular demand, Five Elements Deep Facial Cleansing Oil is alcohol and SLS free, and a natural alternative to soap-based cleansers"

Deep Facial Cleansing Oil Benefits:

  • Removes stubborn make-up and grime without removing important naturally occurring oils, leaving skin feeling soft and luxurious. 
  • Natural Vitamin E and Five Element's signature Organic plant extracts help support healthy skin growth and maintenance.
  • Certified organic Apricot kernel oil improves skin tone, and helps maintains softness and radiance.

Who is it suited to?

Five Elements Deep Facial Cleansing Oil can be used by all skin types. It contains beneficial oils, plant extracts and vitamin E that help hydrate dry skin, and is also fragrance free and suitable to sensitive skin. 

While it may sound counterintuitive, people with oily skin can benefit from oil based cleansers as well, which can help the skin maintain a healthy oil balance while dissolving excessive oil.  

Deep Facial Cleansing Oil is ideal for removing make-up, sun-screen, and surface debris as part of your natural skincare routine.

How to use:

Gently massage over make-up or bare skin using a circular motion. Wipe clean using a warm, damp face cloth. Pat dry and follow with moisturiser or serum.

Optional: Follow it with a water-based cleanser, or Five Elements Activated Carbon Soap, for a double-cleanse, prior to applying moisturiser or serum.

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