Supporting NZ Conservation Week

The New Zealand Department of Conservation is celebrating its 50th year of conservation week on 14-22 September this year. With more than 4,000 species threatened or at risk, nature needs us to take action now. See ways in which you can help.

We are donating 10% of our profits for this month to support local conservation projects, and are running a special promotion both online and with our retail partners to support this cause.

Limited Edition Coprosma and Wildberry Lip Balm

Spend $50 or more online, or purchase any Five Elements product in-store, and receive a limited edition Coprosma and Wildberry Lip Balm. 10% of our profits for September will be donated to help support conservation projects in the Marlborough region. 

Thanks from our furry flying friends

We're happy to have played a small part in helping support these conservation efforts, and want to thank all of our customers for their support. Every product sold has helped contribute towards this cause. For those who are interested Doc run a conservation workshop here.

Marlborough Bat Recovery

Help us decide which project to support

We're asking our followers to let us know which conservation project we should support. Vote on Facebook and choose from the following projects:

1. Trapping Project at the Pelorus Bridge Nature Reserve

Funds will be donated towards the purchase of more efficient electronic traps to reduce the number of predatory rats that eat bird eggs, hatchlings and young vulnerable bats.

2. Propagation of Native trees and shrubs
Financial support given to a local plant nursery to grow native trees and shrubs such as flax, cabbage trees, Rimu, Kahikatea and Pittosporum. These plants will be planted along the waterways of farms to reduce erosion and to improve the water quality of streams before the water reaches major waterways.

3. Outward Bound Outdoor Education and Volunteer Groups
Financial support to plant, weed and maintain the planted wetlands in order to enhance the survival of existing and future plantings, by reducing competition from unwanted species. Read article here.

Help us decide by placing your vote on facebook. We will donate 10% of our September profits to support the project with the most votes.

Click here to vote


We believe it is our responsibility to protect our beautiful environment for generations to come. It's important to us that we actively involve our customers. It is their contributions that ultimately help drive our ability to make positive changes that will have a lasting impact on the world around us.

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