Supporting Australian Bushfire Recovery

With the Nelson fires in recent memory, our hearts go out to our Aussie neighbours who are struggling to deal with the ongoing devastation caused by the worst bushfire season in history. Tragically it is now estimated that more than a billion animals have been lost in the blaze, a number which is a bit hard to comprehend. This includes thousands of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and other iconic species, with many more left injured or homeless.

We are all connected on this planet and are now starting to see that unsustainable human actions have global consequences. Unfortunately, extreme weather patterns have become the new normal.
      Now is not a time to turn a blind eye but to take action to address the problem, and stop things from getting worse. For the month of February we will be donating 20% of Skin Tonic profits to the World Wildlife Foundation Australian Emergency Appeal. 

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