Banish ‘Bad Hair’ Days: Natural Hair Care Tips for Taming your Trusses

We hope you're having a Happy Easter! We've put together some free tips on how to keep your hair healthy naturally. 

Tip 1. Brush Every Evening-  Gently brush your hair every evening before bed to distribute natural hair oils.

Tip 2. Comb Before Washing- Comb or brush your hair before washing to reduce knot formation and breakage.

Tip 3. Wet Before Shampooing- Wet your hair before applying shampoo and reduce the amount of shampoo that you use.

Tip 4. Gently Massage Your Scalp- Use small circular movements with your fingertips to massage your scalp for increased blood flow to the roots of your hair.

Tip 5. Use a Rinse- Use diluted apple cider vinegar or rosemary tea as a final rinse to give your hair a healthy shine.

Tip 6. Don't Rub or Overheat- Do not excessively rub your hair with a towel or overheat your hair with a drier.

Tip 7. Take Dietary Supplements- Use dietary supplements to support healthy hair growth. Has your hair always been on the thin side? Maybe it has lost its fullness with aging? You may need to give your hair a boost from the inside.

Read our article on Dietary Supplements to Support Healthy Hair Growth

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  • Posted by Five Elements Natural on

    Thanks for the comment Lilian!

    Completey Agree, those are good additions to the list! Regarding the importance of the diet for hair and skin, we’ve written more on that here:; and here:

    While supplements are useful, it is always good to get enough of these components in your diet in the first place!

  • Posted by Dean Thomas on

    Thanks for the tips I really appreciate it. My wife always tried to keep her hair healthy by naturally. She loved her hair much more than her self I guess :) those tips up there especially made for her I believe. Thanks for the post and I will share this nice blog with her for sure.

  • Posted by Five Elements Natural on

    Thanks for the comments Dean! I hope your wife finds the info beneficial!

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