• Earth-Friendly Laundry Solution for Sensitive Skin

    A family member of mine gifted me with a magnesium-based “laundry solution” from Japan called Laundry Magchan that lasts for almost a year (more than 300 wash cycles to be exact), is eco-friendly and can even be used with septic tanks! It is just as effective as conventional laundry powder or detergent; last but not least, it price-matches the cost of conventional laundry powder. View Post
  • New Study: Plastic Waste is Making our Coral Reefs Sick

    Some of our customers have recently asked us whether we use plastic in our product packaging. The answer is no. This is why.

    A recent study published in the journal Science has highlighted that more than 11 billion pieces of plastic larger than five centimeters wide are littering coral reefs across the Asia-Pacific region. The study found that the presence of plastic waste makes reefs more prone to infection by as much as 89%, with devastating consequences.

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