About Five Elements

Karen Mackay, Founding Director and Creator of Five Elements Skincare, has a background in science with a post-graduate degree in botany. It was while she was teaching that her journey into the manufacture of skin care products began. 

A student of hers had severe eczema and was scratching herself to bleeding point, a condition that had plagued this student for many months. Compassion drove Karen to research the skin health benefits of plants on her rural property near the Pelorus Bridge Reserve. 

A skin care product was produced and appropriately called Five Elements Skin Tonic since it contained five botanical ingredients that were selected for their healing properties. This was given to the student to try and after just one week of daily application, the condition had completely cleared. It was the rapid efficacy of the product that prompted a trial of the product on problem skin complaints from dry skin to psoriasis. The positive outcomes and encouraging feedback from satisfied people, led to the manufacture and sale of this product.

Five Elements has expanded to include the manufacture of an SPF 30 sunscreen using a natural cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil, grown and made in the Awatere Valley of Marlborough. It is waterproof and has absolutely no harmful chemical additives; just three ingredients plus zinc oxide, which is reputably the most effective sun barrier on the market, offering UVA and UVB broad-spectrum protection. Nano sized zinc is not used.

Two face moisturisers are also available: Five Elements Face Boost For Women and Five Elements For Men. Both moisturisers are crafted to promote skin health and are 100% natural and 100% free from harmful chemicals.

The plants from which the extracts are made are grown organically according to biodynamic principles. Out of concern for harmful chemicals, like PBA, leaching into the preparations, plastic containers and plastic dispensers are avoided. In marketing the product, much thought has been given to affordable pricing, thereby making it accessible to all.

We care about the environment and our ‘Clean, Green Image’ and we are prepared to ‘Put our money where our mouth is’. 10% of all profits made on Five Elements Skin Care products are donated to New Zealand conservation projects and your purchase of our products will obviously contribute to this donation in a major way.

Be in your element, with Five Elements.


Karen Mackay, Founder of Five Elements Skincare and Natural Therapy

Karen Mackay

Founder of Five Elements Skincare & Natural Therapy